You might be wondering, what this page is all about. So let me clear at begining itself, this website is all about unblocking the stuff that is banned at colleges, schools and universities.


I have seeen many students strugelling when it comes to unblocking the music websites at school and universities. They would have already tried with

music unblocked, but would have failed miserably.


That is the reason behind the origion of this website. Here I would be talking about some of the best websites that you could use as the unblocked music websites at school.


You can stay tuned to this page if you want to find some of the awesome content and way to unblock stuff at your school.









This web page is made just for educational purpose. The steps or new ways that would be showed here on this website are just for educational purpose.


Please try them at your own risk and at your own descrition.


The owner, writer and media manager of this web page would not be responsible for any unhapenning thhings.


This web page is referred to as Unblocking Services